Subject: Davin & Liisa fly on to honeymoon in Hawaii, whilst all others return home...
From: Alex Kemp
Date: Monday, 03 September 2001 00:00:00 +0000
To: All

Note before: This is an old “Diary Entry” from the Modem-Help site, re-jigged into the etmg format. The original site is now long gone.

We set off rather later than planned, and crawled towards San Francisco. It seemed that half of California was also on the road making the same journey, but eventually we got there. If the journey to America was conducted on an almost empty plane, the journey back was on a plane solid with humanity. With an interesting landing. But perfectly safely.

Bride n Groom
The Bride n Groom; Hawaii, September 2001

The only point to make note of when I got home was downloading my email - 447 messages, of which all but 68 were SirCam or other viruses (78 MB total). These days I have to screen all mail before downloading it, as most are malicious.

And that completes my story of these little events. Today is the early hours of 15 September. All the rest of the time has been getting home, recovering once again from Jet-Lag, restarting work, and being horrified at events this week in America. I would wish to thank the staff in the airports at Gatwick & San Francisco for the very careful security checks that they made, ensuring that we all had safe journeys.

To the people that organised the atrocities in America on September 11 I would point out that Islam & Mohammed (blessed be his name) forbids attacks on non-combatants. Can you not understand that the Grace of this universe shrinks away from such hate as you have demonstrated?. The fact that American & UK actions have hurt non-combatants does not justify your actions - one evil does not justify another. I hope also that the Americans will bear these same principles in mind as they seek for Justice. It is too easy to promulgate evil when you are far removed from the immediate consequences of your actions, but all returns to it’s source in the end.

Davin & Liisa return home Sunday. The rest of this diary will concentrate on building the site Database.

There was a tremendous sense of community whilst we were all in America. I noticed it so strongly because it dissipated so quickly on getting on to home soil, as if the common purpose of California had never happened.

Alex Kemp