Subject: Two interesting things to look at
From: Alex Kemp
Date: Monday, 19 July 2010 18:34:06 +0100
To: Micaela Kemp, Liisa Kemp, Davin Kemp

Hello Micaela

Here are two interesting things that I found recently:

1 Noctilucent clouds

‘Noctilucent’ means “shines at night”. These are clouds that can only be seen at night. They are the highest clouds in the world, virtually on the edge of the atmosphere: “mysterious silver and blue waves at the edge of space”.

The link is a slide-show of the clouds, whilst a talk tells you what they are and how to see them.

2 My Little Pony (for geeks)

This is photographs of 50 different “My Little Pony”. It is My Little Pony like you have never seen her before.

Some examples:

—  4. Kill Bill Pony (very innocent-looking) (except for the sword)

Kill Bill Pony

—  6. My Little Spider Pony (Spiderman)
—  18. My Little Wonder Pony (Wonder Woman)
—  22. My Little Leia Pony (Leia from Star Wars)

My Little Slave Leia Pony

—  32. My Little Avatar Ponies
—  35. My Little Wolverine Pony (X-Men)
—  37. My Little Transformer-pony
—  41. My Little Batgirl Pony (really good hair)

My Little Batgirl Pony

—  44. My Little Wicked Witch Pony (Wizard of Oz)
—  45. My Little D’oh-ny (Homer Simpson)
—  47. My Little Gandalf Pony

Hope you like them

Alex Kemp