Subject: Expert Interrogations
From: Alex Kemp
Date: Monday, 21 March 2011 14:37:44 +0000
To: Neil Turner
Cc: David Bailey, Liisa Kemp, Davin Kemp
Bcc: Micaela Kemp

Hello Neil & David

A cc of this is going to David Bailey at the BGS & Davin Kemp.

Neil, sorry that I missed you at the Science Fair - I have been working 16 hour days getting my new server ready to swap with old (just completed), and on that Saturday slept past the time to see you. Fortunately, I was able to have a chat with David. The Science Fair was excellent, by the way.

Having now completed my server transfer, I have finally been able to contact all parties for this “Expert Interrogation” that Micaela & her chums want to conduct.

Micaela is still up for it, and will advise her friends at school today.
Tanisha (the film-maker) and her artist-advisors are all on-board and eager to go ahead.
Davin (my son & Micaela’s father) is very willing to act as local co-ordinator, transit driver & dogsbody (the usual father role). For your information, Davin is located at Ware, Herts..

I’ve checked out timings with Davin. We have agreed that a Saturday would be best, making it ~2pm at Wollaton. A couple of weeks before Easter or couple of weeks after seem best, to allow for the usual local holiday practice. Their school breaks on the 8 April, returns 26 April. On that basis, it makes it either:

   Saturday 27 March
   Saturday 15 May

The first is too early, and the second seems a long way off. Still. In my past experience, the best practice is to decide a date, then let everybody get on board or jump ship. What do you think of the 15 May?

Micaela has agreed to write out all the questions that they came up with & email them to me to pass on to you (she is bcc on this mail).

As an interesting reflection for David, he told me that he could think of 4 of the BGS people that might be suitable to accompany you in answering the questions. They were all called Katy, and all ran Brownie Packs! I know a good tale when I hear one, and have been making the most of this one. I told it to Micaela. She told me that she was a Brownie as well (I did not know that).I also heard & felt her settlement in knowing that a Brownie Pack leader would be there. On reflection, David, I think that you should make the most of this that you can during promotion of the BGS to the public, particularly to school-children, and most particularly to school-girls.

If you want to see me, Neil, I am now free to come & see you at Wollaton at any time that you wish.

I hope that you are both well, and thank you for the assistance that you have already provided towards this little event. I hope that together we can produce something that will be a credit for all involved.

Alex Kemp