Subject: Expert Interrogations (repeat)
From: Alex Kemp
Date: Tuesday, 12 April 2011 12:43:59 +0100
To: Neil Turner, David Bailey
Cc: Liisa Kemp, Davin Kemp
Bcc: Micaela Kemp

(Liisa's email address was wrong; in case that has compromised the lot, I'm repeating the message for everyone)

Hello Neil
Hello David

Micaela sent me her questions weeks ago.
Davin (my son) finally got his end-of-year tax accounts sorted & responded with a confirmed date for the meeting. Here are both sets:

Liisa & Davin would each want the alternative date that Neil suggested:

   2pm Saturday 28 May 2011

These are the questions that Micaela sent me:

1.Did the trees have life?
2.How did the bugs get life?
3.Were the trees also getting too tall?
4.What type of trees were there?
5.How did the bugs eat the trees?
6.How are trees still alive?
7.Did they also eat the flowers?
8.How many different bugs were there?
9.Were there other animals joining in?
10.Did they eat every one of the trees?
11.Were people alive when that happend?
12.How did the trees grow in the first place?

Ok that's all 12 different questions.

cc: Davin Kemp, Liisa Kemp

bcc: Micaela Kemp

Alex Kemp