Subject: Re: Expert Interrogations [Scanned]
From: Alex Kemp
Date: Tuesday, 24 May 2011 12:07:41 +0100
To: Neil Turner
Cc: Liisa Kemp, Davin Kemp, Moira Muir
Bcc: Micaela Kemp

Hello Neil

Thank you for your welcome last Saturday 21 May at the Hall, and for being so generous with your time.

My film-maker friend Martin thinks that all the background shots that I took on that day should be usable, which is a relief. I will say that I'm having fun getting to grips with the camera!

To confirm our agreement on a likely itinerary for the Day, next Saturday 28 May:

1 Meet ‘n’ Greet
2 “Expert Interrogation”: in your Reception room
3 Guided tour around the displays, including the Coal Measure fossils

...the idea behind this sequence being that points touched on during the Expert Interrogation will allow the displays & fossils to be more fully understood, and also provide an extra opportunity for further questions that may arise.

I will be filming both during the Expert Interrogation and, using the SteadyCam feature, during the tour. The primary purpose of the DVD that follows will be to give Micaela a record of her day. I hope in addition to be able, as a side-effect, to provide a good advertisement for Wollaton Hall. Once complete, a copy of that DVD will be forwarded to yourself.

I suggested last Saturday that, during the Expert Interrogation, I would be using the two personal mikes. I've re-considered this after some reflection & a talk with Martin. My concern is that, with at least three people taking part (Micaela, yourself, Moira & possibly Oliver) the use of just two mikes would side-line Moira & Oliver, and make it difficult for them to play a full part in the Interrogation. If any of Micaela's chums change their mind & come along, that will be particularly important. Martin tells me that--particularly because your Reception room is quiet--the in-built mike should be good enough to pick up all voices, as long as nobody mumbles.

One extra feature that I thought would help set the scene, is to have a short section just before the Expert Interrogation itself, where we introduce the conversation between Micaela, Oliver & myself that started the whole process. So, it will go:

  1. Micaela & Oliver introduce themselves
  2. Micaela & Oliver introduce what started everything (topic of the day)
  3. Neil & Moira introduce themselves (Neil as `The Expert')
  4. Micaela begins the Interrogation with the first question

Finally, whilst everyone should certainly have a copy of Micaela's questions in front of them, the fundamental idea is for everybody to have fun. A scripted-start will help everybody feel confident at the beginning, but it will be as dull as ditchwater if it continues that way throughout. So, after it gets underway, there should certainly be scope for live questions & answers to arise from any direction.

Finally, many thanks to you for offering to host this & make it possible for my grand-children to get their questions on this very interesting topic answered by an Expert (and enthusiast) in the Field. I'm certainly looking forward to it.

Alex Kemp