Subject: Re: Expert Interrogations [Scanned]
From: Alex Kemp
Date: Friday, 10 June 2011 15:47:00 +0100
To: Neil Turner
Cc: Liisa Kemp, Davin Kemp, Moira Muir
Bcc: Micaela Kemp
Neil Turner wrote:

Hi Alex,
Thank you for sending me a copy of the video rushes of the expert interrogation day we had at Wollaton. I have found watching myself interesting - I didn’t realise how many hand gestures I had used until I saw myself on it ! I also didn’t realise how many times Michaela had copied me in the pronunciation of the scientific names of the fossils and how interested in the answers she was. She is very bright and should go far, particularly if she follows a career path in anything to do with natural history !

The only problem I found with the video - which I had to watch at home because my work computer hasn’t had a sound card fitted - was with the sound - it was a bit echo - y and had other noises like, I think it was, my chair squeaking. Otherwise it is a very good video you have made.


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The echo comes from the room. The personal mikes remove that but, on the day, I was unable to utilise the testing that I’d already done. Carly & Martin do have a ‘boom’ mike, but... in the end, it needs a proper external sound-recording system. Outside of their budgets & mine. We all did the best that we could on the day, and that is all that can ever be asked.

Those are just the rushes!

I’ve finally been able to dual-install a specialised A-V Linux on my Windows computer (scary). I wanted it on my home Server (4 cpu, bags of memory) but the 2 distributions conflicted. Hopefully I can get started in a week or so after it is all setup. Eventually I’ll get a DVD made & forward that to everyone.

I’ve had a good idea, with a great suggestion from Carly, for a “The Science Bit” extra to include. I’ll be contacting you to do some fact-checking when I get that written, and Micaela for some drawings.

I was within a week or so of finishing the DVD when my PC died (a hardware issue). I needed that PC to be able to access my remote server. Then, shortly after, my home server died (also a hardware issue; it needed the server-board replacing). Plus continual problems with my remote server hosts, culminating last year in my abandoning all of them & retiring. It was months before I got back to stability, but the PC would need re-setup with Linux to re-engage with the DVD. That never happened until recently (I switched completely from Windows to Debian), and 5 years later it has still not been completed. A bitter shame.
Alex Kemp