Subject: Twin Sisters: A World Apart (Interesting TV Program to Watch)
From: Alex Kemp
Date: Thursday, 05 March 2015 02:03:12 +0000
To: Oliver Kemp, Micaela Kemp, Liisa Kemp, Davin Kemp

Twin Sisters: A World Apart
BBC4, 60 minutes; available for 28 days { 22:55 Tuesday 3 March 2015 (first shown: 24 Feb 2015) }

The true story of twin sisters from China, found as babies in a box in 2003 and adopted by two separate sets of parents - one from California, the other from a Norwegian village.

(you would need to use the catch-up service to watch it)

The cry within each of them to be able to be together is heart-rending.

Alex Kemp