Subject: A Baby Rhino
From: Alex Kemp
Date: Saturday, 25 July 2015 22:41:59 +0100
To: Oliver Kemp, Micaela Kemp, Liisa Kemp, Davin Kemp (3:59 video)

You are getting this mail so that I can send you this terrific picture of a baby rhino & it's mother:

Such ancient creatures alive in our time; a rhino mother+baby at Chester Zoo (2013)

FWIW the video short is about scientist Katie Edwards who spends her days at Chester Zoo monitoring the hormone levels of their resident female rhinos via their dung. That has helped turn a decade of zero births into 4 years with 4 births.

They are reckoned to have appeared ~50 million years ago (early Eocene), about the same time as the early grasses appeared. Not a huge length of time, although much more ancient than ourselves (only about 200,000 years for modern men & women).

Alex Kemp