Subject: £9,000 Damage in 2 secs with a Key
From: Alex Kemp
Date: Tuesday, 18 August 2015 02:07:12 +0100
To: Oliver Kemp, Micaela Kemp, Liisa Kemp, Davin Kemp

This is a man sought by Hackney Police:

The latest Villain Caught on DashCam in Hackney, London on 19 June 2015

A £100,000 GBP ($149,593 USD) (€136,265 Euro) Aston Martin V8 Vantage was parked on Morning Lane, Hackney at about 10:30 BST on 19 June 2015. The vehicle had a DashCam (high-definition video + sound, as befits a quality motor - no cheap tat here, thanks) and, crucially, was switched on & running whilst the vehicle was parked up.

The owner returned to find that someone had caused £9,000 GBP ($13,353 USD) (€12,166 Euro) of damage down the passenger side of the vehicle with what looked like a key.

From the DashCam evidence this is not the first time that this individual has keyed a car worth more than he can afford. The video (link at top) shows him pushing a pram then stopping in front of the V8 Vantage whilst he gets the key into the correct hand & checks out that he is clear to go.

The police are appealing for help and, since he's now linked from the BBC Home page, I suspect that it will not be long before he's in the bag. Unless he lives in an even-numbered house, of course.

Alex Kemp