Help - Allow NFS Server

Allowing connections to an NFS server through a firewall requires a number of services that typically use random ports be configured to use specific ports. The generator will prompt for those port numbers. This help provides a quick look at each service. For more information, read this site by Chris Lowth (new tab): EFG uses a different suggested port range purely because I thought I had already used 4000 as a suggestion for something else.


The rpc.statd program must be configured to start with the correct port. Find the startup script that starts that daemon and add the -p option. On a redhat system, that would be the /etc/init.d/nfslock program. Change the startup line to: 'daemon rpc.statd -p 9400' (or whatever port you select).


The NFS lock manager is a kernel module. If your system loads it as a loadable module, add this line to /etc/modules.conf: 'options lockd nlm_udpport=9401 nlm_tcpport=9401'. Otherwise, the change has to be made as a kernel option to the system boot loader. See the above web site for more information.


The rpc.mountd program must be configured to use the specified port with the '-p' option. On a redhat system, that can be done in the /etc/sysconfig/nfs file with the line: MOUNTD_PORT=9402


Specifying a port for rquotad requires at least version 3.08 of the quota package. In order to implement the configuration, make sure the following line is in the /etc/rpc file (exactly as given):

rquotad 100011 rquotaprog quota rquota

Then add two lines to /etc/services:

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